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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ipod Touch 2nd Generation

Every year, Apple revises its line of iPods. They put on new formats, features and colors that turn out to be the stuff of dreams of millions of gadgets aficionados. Along with the new faces offered by Apple in early September here comes the new 2nd Generation iPod Touch with its sleek design and touch-sensitive edge. 

Playing music is just one of its best deal – and one of the less important, actually – since the second generation iPod touch doubles as a PDA, being able for users to browse on to the web, check e-mails once in a while, play sorts of games and even watch your photos and your favorite videos on YouTube or even those you had just synced in. 

Notable improvements include dedicated volume buttons, a built-in speaker and life of the extended battery, but we like also the new contoured back, which makes the device feel even thinner in our hand. The new firmware (2..1) and iTunes 8 offer also a few new features, but most are available to owners of first generation iPod touch, too. The second generation iPod touch has only a few features different from its predecessor, but it is still worthy of the original upgrade.


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