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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ipod Touch 3rd Generation

The Third Generation of Apple’s iPod Touch is the ruler of the hill when we talk about portable and Wi-Fi-wielding media players. New additions to such are Voice Control, graphic enhancements, enhanced accessibility, advanced capability, and a quicker processor which help to filter a previously brilliant product. 

The iPod touch measures the same of an iPhone but is a lot slimmer, it measures 110 × 61.8 × 8.5 mm. They weigh the same which is 115g. In fact, the only visible difference you will notice on the outside is that currently, you can acquire one with the legend "64GB" engraved into it. With 64GB of storage and an enhanced interface, Apple shows why its products are among the most trendy on the planet. 

Apple’s third-generation iPod Touch really is wonderfully fast, fantastically smooth and is still a dream to hold. Though the updates are delicate, the third-generation iPod Touch leaves its competitors in the dust.


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