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Friday, August 26, 2011

Nokia E7-00 Review


Nokia E7-00 comes in a relatively small enclosure for the price and size of the phone itself. It comes packaged with the following: 

  • Handset 
  • Headphone 3.5 mm 
  • HDMI adapter 
  • USB adapter 
  • USB cable 
  • Wall Charger 
  • Standard manuals 

I was shocked when I saw a long USB cable. My E7 came with a free HDMI cable which is really a plus. The box is the same size as the C7-00. While the package is decent, I'm sure it didn't hurt Nokia for throwing in a leather bag or a pouch. The desktop charger or car mount would have been great, especially for the price.
Physical views 

They are made of metal and weighing almost 180g. It's quite heavy but feels in a good way. The weight gives strongly reassurance that the device is well built also built which is what you can expect when paying almost $800AU. The quality is simply amazing (as opposed to earlier QWERTY-touch screen Nokia mobile phones). You can't compare how good this device feels not until you feel it for yourself. It feels sturdy, almost as a reminder of the 8800 Series. 

The 4 inch screen is gorgeous. No space is wasted on the frame of the device. The keyboard is again incredible, from being extremely sensitive to the 'just right' the amount spacing between the keys. I have absolutely no complaints here. You may see in pictures the space between the top row and the screen does look worrying, but I kid you not when I say that there are absolutely no flaws on keypad design of this phone. 


We know that this phone runs on Symbian ^3 680 MHz processor, the same with N8-C7-00. I compared all three devices side-by-side from switching on and there is absolutely no difference in speed. The Symbian UI is the same as the N8 and C7-00. Of course, Symbian is no eye-candy compared to iOS or WP7 but it works and is much more stable than before.


The camera phone is exactly the same with the C7-00. It boasts an 8MP fixed-focus camera, which I find somewhat really irritating for such a high-end phone. I would have definitely moved some slim waistline of the device for an autofocus camera. 

The sound quality on the phone is definitely great. Naturally, you would want that this baby produces decent sound quality for its price. There is no option to customize your own equalizer. Unfortunately, there is no FM transmitter on this but it is not a great big loss. The one found in the N8 and C7-00 wasn't that so great anyway. 

Watching videos and pictures in 4 inches AMOLED CB screen appearance is impressive. The screen is of high-quality, colors are not over saturated but just correct. The light sensor works perfectly on E7. 

After using the Android Web browser with flash player 10.1 consumed, I knew that it was very hard to judge the web-browsing capabilities of the E7. It's not worth comparing the like of Android web browser, and is certainly not up to scratch for its price. I don't know if it is just my carrier but the web browser is extremely slow. It is slow, even if you use WiFi. I never had a speed problem with my Galaxy


E7 is definitely nice. Build quality is amazing; it's big but not too large. The screen is great but the main let downs are the slow browser, 8MP fixed focus camera, and lack of external storage. For the price of this phone, you can certainly get another device that will be more entertaining to you.


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