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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ipod Touch 1st Generation

iPod Touch is a little different from the iPhone. First, it is just 8 mm which is considerably thinner than the iPhone (at 11.5 mm). There is also a sharper edge black matte. Black rim of the iPod actually looks nicer to the viewing media than the chrome plated iPhone. On the back of the battery cover and you will need to replace the battery for Apple. What's a bit bad about it is it's stainless steel that easily gets scratched. At the bottom of the iPod holds the slot for a 30-pin connector and headphone jack approximately 3.5 mm for a standard stereo.

Quality Built.
 Build quality is excellent. There are no creaks when squeezing it and don 't expect scratches on the front panel, since it is made of glass and not plastic.

Music to your ears.
 The iPod in terms of its music side is of a very good quality – everything in music is really good quality plus the effective implementation of the magnificient screen. Just about anything is very easy to use and with its easy rotation and navigation of your entire music library. With this feature, we all know already that the music app is pretty much perfect. The music player can be controlled from just about anywhere in the iPod interface. Just double-tap the home screen to a small dialog box.

Photos and videos, and Safari.
The photos app works just like the iPhone is, except for sending options. Stretching and pinching actions will zoom in and zoom out, while photos can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode simply by rotating the iPod itself.

On the other hand, the video app is much more primitive. Videos are played always in landscape mode, regardless of the orientation. However, you can still watch great videos on your own screen.

The iPod is the first iPod to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi connections. Safari is a real killer apps on the device. Apple included version of "stripped-down, called the Mobile Safari, specifically for Touch/iPhone. Very little seems to have been abandoned.

Touch offers amazing almost desktop-like browsing experience. Pages are rendered intact and actually looks the same as the Web we know, it is not some "mobile" version. Safari can switch to landscape orientation too. Zoom works just like in the application for photos. You missed out on favicons though.
YouTube, calendar, contacts, clock, calculator, and the iTunes store 
The YouTube app functions exactly like the iPhone: well. It is also a sport great integration with Safari. Clicking a YouTube link will take you outside of Safari and load the video on YouTube app.
Calendar, contacts and Calculator work in a predictable manner – although with Apple's talent, and multi-touch goodness that you eventually will grow accustomed to. 

The clock is a nice, yet typical iPod clock. It has support for multiple clocks at once and also have features for a stopwatch, timer and alarm with simplistic ringtones (by using the built-in piezoelectric speaker).

In fact, the iTunes mini store is a very good representation of the full advanced warehouse. Featured section, Find any categories you want, and see the comprehensive search while you type-a top ten list. iTunes will then automatically sync your purchases to your iPod right after purchasing them. Apple made it ridiculously easy to buy songs through their Mini Store-and they are counting on with it.


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