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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Refurbished iPad 2 Are Now Available For Sale

There isn’t much about an Apple iPad 2 which might lead you to hesitate before buying, except maybe a glance down at the price tag. Today, that is slightly less of an issue. Apple began selling refurbished iPad 2 in its online store, although it seems that while the 16 GB models are not currently available. Refurbs are only $50 low from the original price, but a discount is a discount.

All Apple's return and warranty rules apply to renewed models according to MacRumors. The refurbished units will have a brand new battery and back cover, and the rest of the device is thoroughly cleaned and tested for any issues. If something is wrong, Apple will replace a certain component.

The 32GB WiFi + 3G model costs $679, and is available in both black and white for two carriers. The 64GB WiFi only model costs $649, while the 64GB WiFi + 3G will go for $ 779 (also available for both carriers). If you do not care about the iPad 2 and you just want the cheapest iPad, Apple is also selling refurbished models of 16GB Wifi + 3G iPad for only $399.

Just a little online scavenging would probably find you an iPad 2 with savings that's more than $50. But Apple’s support is pretty crucial when it comes to such an expensive device, so we recommend getting the refurb one if you got the cash.


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