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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Full Review of the World's First DSLR Movie Maker - Nikon D90

A Full Review of the World's First DSLR Movie Maker - Nikon D90

By Katie Birch

When it comes to Nikon they usually have no problem dishing out multiple models of digital cameras in order to meet the needs of all different types of photographers. Whether you are just a casual photo taker or looking to turn your amateur photos into a professional business the D90 from Nikon just may be what you are looking for. This camera comes with so many great features and one that is often brought up in customer reviews is the dust reduction system to help eliminate all of the dust and particle circles that can appear in our photos. However, even though this model carries quite a few of Nikon's standard features there is something that definitely sets it apart from the rest.

The D90 from Nikon is the world's very first DSLR digital camera that allows you to shoot movies in three different pixel quality settings. There are also different shooting functions you can switch to that will allow you to take the best video or picture that you can with this model. Even if you have never owned a DSLR or quality camera before you will be able to use it with ease. A guide is built into almost every Nikon model to show you how to operate the camera and its functions and they will even shot you sample pictures so you can actually see how each features affects the images.

The best way to make sure you get the best digital camera though is to simply check out some reviews online. A review is put up by people just like you who have actually purchased and used the D90 so you can trust it is a review coming from experience. The problem with a lot of the websites that sell the cameras is that they only give you specs, features and functions and now opinions based on real time use. Sometimes these reviews can help in your decision but ultimately it should be the camera that fits your needs and of course, your budget. This first of its kind DSLR is still pretty affordable and if you do plenty of shopping around then you can find it well under a grand on multiple websites and online retailers.

With all of the auto and one touch features this camera is truly easy to use but you may find yourself pushing buttons on accident when you first get the camera. Just like all new electronics you have to give yourself a couple of days to get used to it and learn how to operate it. However, before you know it the D90 could be making a director or professional photographer out of you as long as you know how to take the best shots. Hop online and check out some reviews on the D90 today and then see if it fits your needs (and budget) the way that it has thousands of other customers out there.

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