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Monday, August 15, 2011

HP ENVY 14: HP's answer to the Apple Mac Book

The HP ENVY 14 has the equipment and includes above standard save for fast 750 GB 7200RPM hard drive, which is $80 option through the standard 500 GB disk. It has a built in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and powered by Intel Core i5-2410M dual-core processor (2.3GHz, up to 2.9GHz Turbo Boost, 3MB cache, 35W TDP). These are strong, if not a fan of the level of specifications. Depending on the configuration, the ENVY 14 can handle almost all the tasks, including gaming, thanks to its dedicated AMD Radeon video card. One disappointment is its low-resolution 14.5-inch screen; the previous generation ENVY 14 is capable with excellent high-gamut 1600 × 900 screen, which provides a lot more room to work with.
Construction and Design
HP ENVY laptops are all about design. The envy 14 has a close resemblance to Apple's MacBook, that isn’t wrong but does not leave much room for originality. Unlike the traditional laptop with an internal frame, the ENVY 14 is based on metal that comprised its external chassis as an exoskeleton to the force. The quality of construction is a general high level and feels very solid. This metal has a drawback, of course: a weight of almost six pounds. Standard 14-inch laptop weighs about one pound less. Even the bottom of the chassis is made of a metal alloy. 
The cover is attached to the chassis through two strong hinges; Backup lid offers excellent protection against bumps of metal. The lid can be opened with one hand, which is convenient. The fit and finish is excellent; is not a misaligned edges. I like the Palm support and cover; laser-etched pattern, it looks good and makes a visually exciting than the MacBook. 

ENVY 14 is eager to impress, and certainly does; it is one of the most solid non-business laptop.

Ports and features 
The ENVY 14 is an above average amount of input/output ports for 14-inch consumer notebook, including eSATA, HDMI, mini DisplayPort. Missing USB 3.0 and ExpressCard slot.

User Rating: 4 out of 5


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